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    UMass Dartmouth
  Dec 15, 2017
2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Porfolio Intensive in Artisanry

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Portfolio Intensive in Artisanry (PIA)

There is a well established program in Artisanry for students interested in pursuing a post baccalaureate “fifth year” of study at UMass Dartmouth.  It is designed for those who would benefit from a critical studio environment in a community of undergraduate and graduate degree seeking students, access to our facilities, visiting artist program, and our technical and studio based curriculum.   PIA students build an extensive portfolio over the year, many going on to apply to MFA degree programs, including those at UMass Dartmouth.

Application to the PIA is highly competitive and is made through the Graduate Admissions Office, using the Graduate Certificate Application; each application and portfolio is reviewed by studio area faculty.

The PIA is a two semester 9 credit (total/year) university recognized Certificate program.  Federal student loan assistance can be applied to the PIA program at UMass Dartmouth. 

PIA students are enrolled each semester in 3 credits of Senior Studio in one of the four areas of specialization in Artisanry (Ceramics, Jewelry/Metals, Textile Design/Fibers, Wood/Furniture Design) plus one graduate level studio course as a 1-1/2 credit Directed Study.   The Directed Study menu include discipline-based support courses such as Clay/Glaze Formulation, Kiln Building, Enameling, Textile Design CAD or Screen Printing, the History of Craft, Artisanry Senior Seminar, etc; or Fine Arts courses such as Drawing/Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture.

Studio coursework includes regularly scheduled critiques, professional practice and topically based seminars, and an expectation of comprehensive portfolio development by each PIA student.  PIA students assist the faculty in one studio class over the course of the academic year, and participates in all Ceramics program activities. Should a PIA student be accepted into the UMass Dartmouth MFA program, the credits can be applied toward the MFA degree.

The Portfolio Intensive in Artisanry culminates in a major exhibition at the end of the year, frequently in an available commercial space in the historic district of New Bedford.  Seeking available alternative show venues, and negotiating and developing contracts with building owners is an integral part of this competitive curriculum. 


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