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2016-2017 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Psychology Major

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BA degree

GPA Requirements

The Psychology Department has a GPA requirement that varies with the number of credit hours completed (see below). Failure to maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average will mean departmental probation. In the semester following one in which the student’s GPA is below the minimum, the student will not be allowed to register for courses designated for psychology majors only.

Number of credit hours/minimum required GPA
4-Year Students: 9 / 2.50
Transfer Students: 6 / 2.50

A student who receives three or more grades of “W” or “I” in a semester will be placed on departmental probation. Once students are placed on probation, they will be given a probation plan that specifies the requirements to remain in the major.

Major Requirements

Psychology majors must fulfill the requirements listed below. Students must have earned a C- or better in any psychology course taken to meet the requirements listed as required courses.

All psychology majors are required to complete successfully the courses listed among the four areas in the requirements section. This system is designed to provide students with a broad introduction to the field, a strong foundation in research methodology, the ability to understand research and apply it to theory, and practice and opportunity to explore areas of the field in depth. Students should plan to complete General Psychology, Statistics for Psychology and three other classes from the Foundations 1 and 2 areas by the end of  the sophomore year.  While any two elective courses will fill the Area 4 requirement, several special options are available, including the counseling sequence (PSY 406, 407, and 480), which introduces students to some applied aspects of psychology. Students interested in research who are considering eventual graduate education in psychology may apply to pursue Honors Research (PSY 498 and 499) or Independent Study (495). Research opportunities are possible in any area represented by our faculty, including cognitive, developmental, social, biological and clinical areas. There is also a combined bachelor’s and master’s program (BA/MA), which allows talented students to earn both degrees within 5 years. Psychology majors interested in that program should plan to apply no later than the junior year. All Psychology majors are required to participate in the senior year assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to provide an empirical basis for curricular improvement.


Foundations of Psychological Sciences 2 (6 Credits)

Psychological Science-Depth 3b (3 credits)

Chooose one of the following that was not selected in 3a:

Advanced Electives (6 credits)

Choose two additional Psychology courses at the 300 or 400 level.  You may not select PSY 323.

Total Credits: 35

University Studies Requirements

In addition to the requirements in the major, students will be required to complete the University Studies requirements. For more information:

Psychology Honors Program

The Psychology Department participates in the university honors program by offering honors sections of general psychology, and it also has a departmental honors program.

The psychology honors program is designed to provide psychology students with the opportunity to engage in independent research. It is recommended for all students who wish to pursue a PhD degree, whether in an experimental or applied area. Honors students typically have GPAs over 3.0, but admission to the honors program is based on overall potential and motivation rather than on grade point average alone.

The sequence begins in the junior year with the identification of a research topic and a faculty advisor. Beginning in the junior year or in the first semester of the senior year, honors students carry out an original research project by enrolling in an eight-credit honors research seminar.

Pre-Professional Certificate in Mental Health

The certificate represents a program of study at the undergraduate level that prepares individuals to pursue a career in the mental health professions. The program entails a series of required and elective courses capped off by a three-course counseling sequence, which provides a basic foundation in counseling and includes community based internship experiences. The sequence may only be taken by Psychology majors, and students must have at least 50 credits when registering for PSY 406. In order to enroll in PSY 407 and PSY 480, the internship courses, students must have a Psychology GPA of 3.0 or higher and the permission of the instructor.

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