Dec 16, 2018  
2018-2019 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog

Urban Studies

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Minor Requirements

The Urban Studies minor requires a total of 18 credits.  A total of three courses can be used to count for both a student’s major, another minor, and the Urban Studies minor.  However, 3 upper-level Urban Studies courses (300 or above) courses must be used exclusively to meet the minor requirements (ie. cannot also meet major or other minor requirements). 

All Urban Studies courses may also count for Distribution and University Studies requirements.

New approved courses are added every semester, so interested students should check with the Urban Studies Director for up-to-date lists.

A minor must be completed at the time of the degree and will be so noted in the student’s transcript.  A student cannot be readmitted to the University to complete only a minor. 


Required Foundation Course (3 credits)

URB 201:  City Life:  Introduction to Urban Studies

URB 201 may also be used by History and Sociology/Anthropology majors to meet major elective requirements.  (Note that courses counting for a major may not be used to meet Distribution requirements.)  It also meets the CAS Humanities OR Social Science distribution requirements and the University Studies 4B requirement. 

URB Electives

Elective Courses  (12 credits)

Urban Studies minors must complete 12 elective credits, at least 9 of which must be numbered 300 or higher.  Elective courses include all courses on the approved Urban Studies Elective list.  Additional courses may be substituted at the discretion of the Urban Studies Director.  Electives must include courses from a minimum of two different departments.  Courses marked with an * are variable topics courses and approval as an Urban Studies elective will depend upon the particular topic of the course.  

Capstone Elective (3 credits)

The capstone elective course must be either a 300- or 400-level course from the Urban Studies Electives list or a relevant substitution.  Urban Studies minors must get prior approval from the Urban Studies Director for the choice of capstone elective.

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