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2010-2011 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog 
2010-2011 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Textile Chemistry MS

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The student is required to complete 30 graduate credits of study. There is no foreign language requirement. The program will normally require two years of study.


Fall Semester I

  • Elective three credits Appropriate 400, 500, or 600 level course in a textiles-related field

Total: 10 credits

Total: 9 credits

Fall Semester II

Total: 11 credits

Spring Semester II

Continue with thesis research and writing

Total credits: 30


Every student will do a master’s thesis. The thesis requirement may be fulfilled in the textile sciences or may be of an interdisciplinary nature. In the latter instance, however, the emphasis must be on some aspect of either textile chemistry or textile technology, depending on the student’s chosen program. Students with an undergraduate specialty in an area other than textiles have the opportunity to couple this knowledge with textiles in either a scientific, theoretical, or more applied project. The student should meet at the earliest possible date after the start of studies with the Materials and Textiles Graduate Program Director to discuss his or her interests regarding thesis study. At that time, the student will be assigned a thesis committee of faculty whose background is compatible with the student’s area of interest. The student will also receive a copy of the outline for a thesis proposal.

Upon the completion of a thesis proposal, the Committee will meet with the student to finalize the proposed work. The proposal should be made available to the Committee members at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.

Each committee member should be provided with a draft copy of the completed thesis, no later than two calendar months prior to the scheduled graduation date. An oral examination in defense of the thesis is required to be given before the Committee at least six weeks prior to graduation. At this time, the rough-draft copies, comments and corrections having been made, will be returned from each committee member.

The approved thesis must be available at least three weeks prior to graduation. In addition to the two copies prepared for deposit in the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth library, two bound copies will be given respectively to the student’s main advisor and the Department of Materials and Textiles.

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