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2015-2016 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ENL 550 - Special Area Study

Credits 3
Independent Study
Under special circumstances, graduate students may take a maximum of two 300-400 level undergraduate courses for graduate credit. Students cannot do ‘independent study’; they must take a course, and they must arrange with the instructor to do more writing than required of the undergraduates to justify the graduate level credit. This option is not intended for students needing to make up deficiencies in order to perform at an appropriate level in graduate courses, but as an opportunity for students to explore specialized areas of interest. Before registering for this course, students must write a proposal that clearly delineates the writing projects they will undertake.
Credit / No CreditMay be repeated once with change of content.