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2011-2012 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog 
2011-2012 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Professional and Continuing Education

Thank you for your interest in Professional & Continuing Education


UMass Dartmouth’s PCE understands that earning a degree while juggling the many responsibilities of family and work can be a challenge. That is why PCE’s programs are designed to fit your busy schedule.

UMass Dartmouth’s PCE offers more than 200 for credit and non-credit classes at the undergraduate and graduate level to students who choose to pursue a degree part-time. Courses are available days, evenings, and weekends; online, blended or on campus, offered in a variety of sessions throughout the academic year, including 14, 7, 5, and 3 week sessions.

UMass Dartmouth PCE also offers Cape Cod Degree undergrad and graduate degree programs conveniently located at Cape Cod Community College.

Graduate Degree & Certificate Programs:

Graduate Degree Programs
Cape Cod Graduate Degree Programs
Graduate Certificates


Undergraduate Degree & Certificate Programs:

Undergraduate Degree Programs
Cape Cod Undergraduate Degree Programs
Undergraduate Certificates

In addition to helping students pursue a degree part-time, PCE is also committed to helping full-time students achieve academic success by offering:

                SUN Scholarship
                Online undergraduate/graduate programs

Students can also take summer semester and winter intercession classes thru PCE. Both are a great time to get ahead for the following semester.


Corporate Programs, Partnerships & Lifelong Learning offers effective training programs for businesses, corporations and non-profits. Program topics range from Leadership Development & Management Skills for Supervisors to Team Building and delivered using current management best practices. Training programs are also customized to meet individual business needs.

Non Credit Courses

Registration & Payment Information [details]
Professional & Continuing Education has multiple ways to register for courses, by phone with a credit card, in person at the University Enrollment Center, through COIN self service, online as a guest, and more.

Degree & Application Information [details]
Professional & Continuing Education offers an open, rolling admissions policy and program which provides degree candidates with an ongoing and “user friendly” process for initiating degree candidacy.

Who We Are
The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is a publicly-supported coeducational institution of higher learning, fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. There are over 9,000 day and evening students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate degree programs. The university is committed to excellence through its instructional programs, research, and service to the community. It plays a major role in the economic life of the region.

Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) is an integral part of UMass Dartmouth, offering degree programs and credit and non-credit courses. PCE provides students of all ages and backgrounds access to the faculty and resources of the university as they seek personal enrichment and enhanced career opportunities.

Professional & Continuing Education is, by act of the Massachusetts Legislature, operated at no expense to the Commonwealth.

Professional & Continuing Education is committed to serve the needs of those students who choose to pursue a degree on a part-time basis. Any person who has graduated from high school or holds a Certificate of General Education Development (GED) is entitled to enroll in undergraduate courses offered through the Professional & Continuing Education. All credit courses offered are University of Massachusetts Dartmouth courses and the grades earned are reflected in the student’s grade point average at the university. Students may enroll in a single course, a number of courses, or a program leading to a bachelor’s degree. In addition, each term, courses are offered for personal or professional development which carry no academic credit and a few courses for professional certification may be offered which, at their completion, award Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Many students who attend the university through Professional & Continuing Education are working full time, have family responsibilities and have a limited amount of time available to study and attend courses. These students may have attended a community college, may have started their coursework at the university directly after high school, or may have had years elapse between their high school and university careers. All are welcome and are encouraged as they achieve each level of their education. Whether a student registers for courses each Fall term, each Spring term or continues through many terms, each is advised individually as they progress toward their academic goals.

This learning environment provides the opportunity for students, including those who are unsure of their ability to do college work, to explore academic courses, to return to school at a pace of their own choosing, to continue their education while enrolled in a degree program at another college or university or to explore their personal interests.

PCE has 3 office locations:

Dartmouth:                                                            508.999.9202
Fall River:                                                              508.910.9090
Cape Cod Community College:                       508.362.2131 x4504

Contact Us [details]
508-999-9202 ~ Email: continuinged@umassd.edu