Sep 23, 2021  
2017-2018 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 UMass Dartmouth Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

University Extension

University Extension (UE)

About University Extension

University Extension (UE) extends educational opportunities to students whose lives may not permit conventional college attendance. By collaborating with the colleges, UE provides specified programs to students who seek flexibility to achieve their academic goals. Courses are conveniently scheduled throughout the calendar year to best meet the needs of online and adult students.
UE is committed to providing access to a quality education whether the interest is one course or the completion of a degree program. Courses are offered face-to-face, in a blended format and fully online. UE schedules courses during fall, spring, and summer, and also in a winter intersession and summer sessions.

The students who attend the university through UE typically work full-time, have family responsibilities and must fit college courses into their busy life in order to achieve their goal of earning a college degree. UE serves students of all ages, including those who may have had to defer continuing their education for significant periods of time after high school or after beginning college. Whether a student registers for courses each fall term, each spring term or continues through many terms, UE assures support services accommodated to individual needs to meet their academic goals.

Hallmarks of University Extension are its:
  • Flexible Variety of online degree and certificate programs.
  • Flexible learning format, tailored to the needs of adult students.
  • Summer and winter Intersession courses available for all students.
  • Opportunities to explore personal interests through courses.
  • Ease of registration.

To learn more, call 508-999-9202 or e-mail:

Registration & Payment Information

There are multiple ways to register for courses: by phone with a credit card, in person at the University Enrollment Center (UEC), through COIN self-service, online as a guest and more.

For registration questions, call 508-999-8857 or e-mail:

Degree & Application Information

UMass Dartmouth offers an open, rolling admissions policy and program for online and adult students. This provides degree candidates with an ongoing and user friendly process for initiating degree candidacy.

Graduate Degree Programs

The following are the graduate programs offered through UE:

  • Master of Arts in Psychology - Applied Behavior Analysis Option
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Public Policy (online only)
  • PhD in Mathematics Education
Certificate Programs
Post-Baccalaureate / Graduate Certificates:
  • Accounting
  • Business Foundations
  • Computer Science
  • Educational Policy (online only)
  • Environmental Policy (online only)
  • International Business
  • Organizational Leadership
Post-Master’s Certificate:
·         Applied Behavior Analysis