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2021-2022 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ECO 298 - Experience Program

Credits variable; 1.00 to 6.00Satisfies University Studies requirement: Learning through Engagement
Practicum / 3 hours per week
Requirements: Prerequisite: At least Sophomore standing, GPA 2.0 or greater. Permission of the instructor, department chair, and college dean.
Work experience at an elective level supervised for academic credit by a faculty member in an appropriate academic field. Conditions and hours to be arranged. Graded CR/NC. For specific procedures and regulations, see section of catalog on Other Learning Experiences. In this department, students may receive credit only for experiences in which they do not receive pay for the same work.
Credit / No Credit