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2021-2022 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Integrated Studio Arts

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Integrated Studio Arts is a comprehensive and dynamic, studio-based 120-credit degree that prepares students for productive, creative lives and careers in the visual arts. Integrated Studio Arts (ISA) is designed for art and design students interested in developing and combining skills across the visual arts. A panel of advisors guide students as they choose classes most appropriate for their personal vision. Active artist-faculty across all Art + Design concentrations offer individualized instruction emphasizing the development of each student’s visual voice.



Foundation Studio Arts Program

Required of All Majors (except Art History and Music)

Foundation Studio Arts is a rigorous program designed to promote creativity, to develop technical and conceptual skills, and to provide an essential awareness of our visual culture. Its drawing, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital courses serve as prerequisites-requisites for all 200 or higher-level courses in Art + Design and Art Education programs. Its art history component, Introduction to the Study of Art, serve as a prerequisite for higher-level Art History Program study that is demanded by each of the studio art departments.

Except where transfer or advance placement examination credits are accepted in lieu of requirements, first-year students may expect to take five courses, totaling 15 credits, in each of their two first-year semesters. The exception being Art Education majors due to of licensure requirements and increased credit load.

The successful completion of the Foundation Studio Arts program is a required of all candidates for a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the College of Visual and Performing Arts.


  • ARH- Art History Elective (300/400 level) - Credits: 6

University Studies / Distribution

  • ENL 2XX Literature elective - Credits: 3
  • MTH Mathematics elective - Credits: 3
  • Science electives, 3 credits from each area (The Natural World and The Engaged Community) - Credits: 6
  • The Social World: 3 credits from three areas (Human Questions and Contexts, The Nature of US Society, The Nature of the Global Society) - Credits: 9


Five courses at any level, may include studios - Credits: 15

Major Studios

The following are designated courses, each of which requires a grade of C or better for advancement. Students who receive less than a C in one of these courses shall be subject to review that may result in provisional continuation or dismissal from the option.

AXD 200 Level Studio - 9 credits

AXD 200/300 Level Studio - 3 credits

AXD 300 Level Studio - 6 credits

AXD 300/400 Level Studio - 6 credits

AXD 400 Level Studio - 6 credits

AXD 400 Level Capstone

Studio Options and Additional Requirements

  • AXD 2XX level drawing - Credits: 3

       (Consult advisor on selection)

  • Studio electives - Credits: 9
  • 300/400 studio elective - Credits:3

Select from:

*AXD 404 - Professional Practice Credits:3

*AXD 405 - Professional Design Practice Credits:3

*AXD 406 - Professional Studio Art Practice Credits:3

*AXD 407 - Studio Art Capstone Credits 3

Total credits: 120

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