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2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Teaching and Learning

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Faculty and Fields of Interest


Dr. Armand Desmarais, Professor Emeritus, teacher certification and licensure, foundations of education, mentoring, teacher induction

Dr. Maureen Hall English education, middle and secondary education, literacy, developmental teaching and language arts, K-12 curriculum design, professional development, community-making, innovation, and reform

Dr. Gerard Koot, Interim Chair Chancellor Professor

Dr. Cynthia Kruger middle and secondary education, curriculum development, methodology, social studies, reading, inclusive education

Teresa C. Nelson (Director of Teacher Licensure and Placement) special education, urban education, early childhood and public school pre-k-12 administration

Dr. Joao J. Rosa curricular theory, sociolinguistics, bilingual education and literacy

Grace Smith Administrative Assistant

Dr. Kerri Ullucci multicultural education, urban schooling, elementary education, language arts, instruction for English language learners

Mission Statement

The Teaching and Learning Department at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is committed to providing teacher preparation, licensing and professional development opportunities for aspiring as well as already-licensed teachers. We aim to develop reflective practitioners who seek to understand the complex social contexts of learning, education and schooling in both urban and suburban settings. In addition to providing a rigorous preparation in subject-matter fields, we encourage students and teachers to develop their ability to apply pedagogical theory to practice and to reflect on the complexities inherent in their craft. We are committed to the preparation of educators who have a sensitivity toward multicultural issues, an awareness of the particular concerns of urban education, knowledge of the unique styles of individual learners and a conscious knowledge of the role of schools in promoting social justice in the  twenty-first Century.

UMass Dartmouth offers both Massachusetts Initial and Professional Teaching Licensure Programs at the graduate level, as well as a minor for undergraduates, that lead to an Initial teaching license via either a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate or an Initial license MAT. The University offers programs leading to licensure in the following areas: Elementary, Middle and Secondary Biology; Chemistry, English, Foreign Literature and Languages (French, Portuguese and Spanish), General Science, History, Political Science/Political Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics.

Goals for Student Learning

The goal of SEPPCE’s Department of Teaching and Learning is to prepare students as K-12 teachers, as well as provide ongoing education to practicing teachers.  To this end, we seek to develop students along the following dimensions:

  • Content Knowledge
  • Pedagogy
  • Equity
  • Professional Responsibilities

Elementary, Middle and Secondary Initial Licensure Post-Baccalaureate Program

Teacher candidates who already hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year institution may earn an initial license by following a sequence of courses at the post-baccalaureate level in preparation for the initial teaching license. To prepare for an initial license at the elementary, middle and high school levels, Post-Baccalaureate students must successfully pass state tests and complete the sequence of education courses. The Post-Baccalaureate program includes content courses that require pre-practicum assignments in local area schools and one full semester of student teaching. For those already teaching, a supervised practicum equivalent may be arranged.

Art Education and Music

See the sections elsewhere in this catalogue for information about admission to and progression in these programs.

Contacts: Marie Nelson, Director of Music Education (508 999-8568) Arlene Mollo, Chairperson, Art Education Department (508 999-8548)

Undergraduate Minors in Elementary and Middle/Secondary Education

While still engaged in their undergraduate studies at UMass Dartmouth, students may take courses that give them a head start towards earning Initial teaching licensure. Undergraduates may declare a minor in either Elementary or Middle/Secondary Education; therefore, current undergraduate students considering a teaching career should contact the Teaching and Learning Department for individual advisement.

A minor in education allows undergraduates to complete content majors while pursuing interests in K-12 education. Upon completion of a content degree with a minor in education, candidates interested in elementary, middle school or secondary education will continue with the remaining courses required for Initial teaching licensure as Post-Baccalaureate students at UMass Dartmouth. The minor allows qualified students to complete approximately half of the coursework towards the Post Baccalaureate program as undergraduates.

Admission to the minors

The Education minors will exceed the university criteria for admission to a minor by requiring the following:

  • Students will be considered after completion of 60 credits.
  • Students will have at least a 2.7 overall GPA and a 3.000 GPA in their major. This standard is appropriate because the students will be taking graduate-level courses.

Post-Baccalaureate Program Initial License Content Areas

Because future teachers’ undergraduate majors provide much of the content and specialization knowledge that they will use as teachers, the choice of a specific major can be important for the prospective teacher. This is another reason why current undergraduate students considering a teaching career should contact the Teaching and Learning Department for individual advisement.

Certification areas offered through the UMass Dartmouth program are:

  • Elementary Education Teacher (1-6)
  • Teacher of Biology (8-12)
  • Teacher of Chemistry (8-12)
  • Teacher of English (5-8) (8-12)
  • Teacher of Foreign Languages-French (5-12)
  • Teacher of Foreign Languages-Portuguese (5-12)
  • Teacher of Foreign Languages-Spanish (5-12)
  • Teacher of General Science (5-8)
  • Teacher of History (5-8) (8-12)
  • Teacher of Mathematics (5-8) (8-12)
  • Teacher of Political Science /Political Philosophy (5-8) (8-12)
  • Teacher of Physics (8-12)
  • Teacher of Visual Art (PreK-8) (5-12)

The above programs are offered by departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, with the following exceptions: The College of Visual and Performing Arts offers Teacher of Visual Art licensure through academic programs at both bachelor’s and master’s levels and Teacher of Music licensure through an option in the Music BA program. Teacher of Physics licensure is offered through the Department of Physics in the College of Engineering.

Undergraduate students may take up to six EDU credits at the 500 level provided that they have fulfilled their general education and College distribution requirements, can demonstrate that they are on track to graduate in a timely manner and have undergraduate records showing that they are capable of doing graduate-level work.

MTEL Prep Assistance

Offered through Professional and Continuing Education regularly throughout the year is a short course to help one prepare for the MTEL test. For more information go to the PCE website: www.umassd.edu/pce or call 508-999-9129.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission to the teacher preparation program:

  • All post-baccalaureate candidates must have an appropriate bachelor’s degree and apply through the Graduate Admissions Office.
  • All candidates must submit a completed application, have a minimum 2.7 GPA and and have a personal interview with a member of the Teaching and Learning Department.
  • Official transcripts showing the date of graduation must be sent to the Graduate Admissions Office.
  • All candidates must pass the Communication and Literacy Skills Test (01) and the appropriate content MTEL. Elementary Education candidates must also pass the Foundations of Reading Test (90).  The appropriate content for Elementary Education candidates is the General Curriculum (03). Middle and high school candidates must pass the appropriate content area exam.
  • At the conclusion of the program students completing the Initial Licensing Program will receive a University certificate; endorsed by the UMass Dartmouth Director of Teacher Licensure, and apply to the Massachusetts Department of Education for their Initial License.


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