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2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Music

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Faculty and Fields of Interest

royal hartigan ethnomusicology, world music

Andy McWain jazz studies, theory, jazz piano

Jing Wang electronic music, theory, composition


Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty

Anton Belov classical voice, ensembles

Richard Britto saxophone, jazz studies, ensembles

Kwabena Boateng African music and dance

Wes Brown bass

Paul Cienniwa music history

Claude Colbert flute

Jorrit Dijkstra music technology

Jamie Eckert percussion, percussion methods, percussion ensemble

Marcelle Gauvin jazz voice

I. M. Harjito gamelan

John Harrison jazz piano, ensembles

James Hay staff accompanist

William Kingsland low bass

Charlene Monte string methods

Michael Monte woodwinds

Tobias Monte wind ensemble, conducting, brass methods

Marie Nelson music education, class piano

Christopher Poudrier drum set, ensembles

Will Riley classical guitar, music skills

Illeana Ringwald violin

James Robitaille jazz guitar

Rieko Tanaka piano, staff accompanist

Tianxu Zhou university chorus, classical voice

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music.The department is grounded in a vision of music making that fosters an understanding of its theoretical, historical and cultural contexts. 

The Music program offers a comprehensive major that includes a core of music theory, technology, history, musicianship, performance and global studies. Students can gain additional focus through upper division courses offered in world music, jazz, technology and music education; which provide broad experience through work with faculty, guest artists and composers; as well as international study and performance.

The department offers a minor in music that can be coupled with many majors offered at the university.

Musical expression is a key to understanding culture in both the contemporary world and past civilizations. As university music educators in a culturally-diverse world and nation, we have a mission to help our students achieve cultural, social and personal fluency among all peoples, in order that they may effectively understand and function within the forces of our global village.

Other Requirements and Information

Minimum Acceptable Course Grades/Progress Requirements

The Music Department requires a minimum acceptable grade of C (2.000) in each music course that will be included in the fulfillment of the music major and minor requirements. Music Education Licensure students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75. (A GPA of 2.5 will qualify for probationary status.)

Students will have their progress monitored by the music department faculty in semester-end juries. Information on these criteria and other departmental regulations is available from the department office.

Senior Capstone Project

Each student is required to complete a senior project (0 credits) prior to graduation within a course taken in the senior year. This should take a form relevant to the course of study (performance, recital, composition, research document/thesis) and be selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to pursue fieldwork study and research abroad in a culture relevant to the area of concentration. This work may fulfill specific course requirements with prior approval. All study abroad should be planned in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor and the music department chairperson.

Entrance to the Major

All candidates must pass an entrance audition and take a theory placement exam to determine their potential and background in music. Candidates are expected to have facility on their instrument and to have preparation in the fundamental concepts of music theory.

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