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2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Art History Major

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BA Degree


All students take the following Visual Culture courses:

All students complete 27 additional credits of Art History courses including:

  • One Art History course in a non-western area.
  •  Art History internship.

All students complete one Art History seminar: 3 credits

Select from: (ARH 442-490)

All students complete one course in studio art: 3 credits

After achieving 20 UMass Dartmouth or transfer credits:

Art History majors take ARH 209, Portfolio Development, each semester. A complete portfolio developed during a student’s career as an Art History major is required for certification for graduation.

Total Major Credits: 42

Distribution/General Education Requirements

Students are subject to the university’s General Education requirement and must also meet our distribution requirement, as outlined here:

  • 6 credits English 101 and 102
  • 6 credits  Literature; courses may be selected from English literature or literature in translation.
  • Successful completion of 202-level in a foreign language, a requirement for the BA degree at the university. The requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Arts and Sciences also applies to Art History majors. Credits vary depending on language placement.
  • 9 credits  History and/or Philosophy
  • 6 credits  Science, as defined for general education
  • 3 credits  Mathematics, as defined for general education
  • 12 credits Social Sciences. Courses may be selected from  Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Political Science or Economics
  • Free electives, to bring the total number of credits to 120

Total Credits: 120

General Education Departmental Requirements

Students majoring in Art History will meet their departmentally-determined General Education requirements as follows:

Area E

Satisfied by any university course bearing E credit

Area I, Tier 2

Satisfied by the combination of ARH 200, or any a 300-level Art History course, and the 400-level Art History Seminar

Area W, Tier 2

Satisfied by ARH 200 or any 300-level Art History course bearing W credit.

Area O

Satisfied by the 400-level Art History Seminar

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