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2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Management Information Systems Major

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BS degree

The Management Information Systems program of study is designed to prepare students for one of the most rapidly expanding professions in the business world.

Management Information Systems prepares the student both to analyze an organization’s information systems structure and to design and implement appropriate systems. This major offers a broad educational experience in business, computer applications, the humanities and social sciences.

The primary emphasis of the program is the application of the “systems approach” to business problem-solving and decision-making. Analysis of both on-campus and off-campus “real-life” business systems provides students with practical experience and increases their value in the professional career market.

Management Information Systems majors differ from computer science majors in emphasizing applications of computer systems over their development and analysis. The applications are focused on complex business needs in organizations. Management Information Systems majors conceptualize, design and implement high quality business systems and build bridges between technical realities, organizational functions, and decision-making by managers.

Student Learning Outcomes

Consonant with the mission of the college, the purpose of the management information systems program is to prepare students for careers in the application of information technology to solving business problems and to exploring new business opportunities. Graduates will be capable of analyzing an organization’s information requirements as well as designing and implementing effective systems to satisfy those needs.

Students will

  • have a thorough knowledge of the principles and concepts pertinent to information technology applications;
  • be adaptable to new and changing information technologies through the application of principles and concepts, becoming life-long learners;
  • develop a systems view and critical analysis skills in identifying problems and opportunities amenable to the application of information technology;
  • apply creative thinking skills and systems design methods in developing information technology-based systems;
  • understand the human, organizational, and technical issues involved in implementing information technology-based systems and the challenges inherent to change;
  • develop teamwork skills that foster cooperation among organizational units and disciplines; and
  • be aware of and able to deal with ethical and societal implications of current and future applications of information technology.

General Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

Freshman Year

Thirty (30) credits required.

  • Cultural/Artistic Literacy  6 credits
  • Diversity  3 credits
  • Social Science  3 credits
  • Natural Science/Technology  6 credits

Junior Year

Thirty (30) credits required.

  • Social Science  3 credits
  • Non-Business Elective  3 credits       (Can be any course taken outside CCB)

Senior Year

Thirty (30) credits required.

  • Business Elective  3 credits      (Any 300-400 level business course)
  • Non-Business Elective  12 credits      (Can be any course taken outside CCB)

Management Information Systems Elective

Three (3) credits required 300 level or higher.

Total Credits: 120

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