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2013-2014 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement of the University of Massachusetts


The University’s mission is to provide an affordable education of high quality and conduct programs of research and public service that advance our knowledge and improve the lives of the people of the commonwealth, the nation, and the world.

Strategic Priorities of the University of Massachusetts

  1. The University shall maintain the highest standard of academic excellence.
    The University of Massachusetts shall provide a quality, affordable university education to the citizens of the commonwealth. The university shall strive to serve all qualified students regardless of their economic means. The university shall pursue distinction in its research and scholarship.
  2. The university shall maintain an atmosphere where each person, regardless of religious, ethnic, economic or social background, will be comfortable.
    The university shall enroll and employ a diverse community of people.
  3. The university shall offer and promote distinctive forms of public service.
    The University of Massachusetts shall provide the state with policy research, programs, and leadership to address public needs. The university shall support efforts to improve primary and secondary education and shall expand its continuing education programs to encourage lifelong learning. The university shall continue to promote the economic development of the state and its regions.
  4. The university shall develop and manage its resources effectively.
    The university shall wisely manage existing resources and aggressively develop new sources of revenue to meet operating and capital needs.
  5. The university shall demonstrate the excellence and advance the unique missions of its five campuses.
    The university shall encourage its five campuses to pursue with distinction their respective strengths and strive to serve the best interests of their communities.

Mission and Vision Statements of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


Mission Statement

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth distinguishes itself as a vibrant public university actively engaged in personalized teaching and innovative research, and acting as an intellectual catalyst for regional and global economic, social, and cultural development.

Vision Statement

Within a climate that is inclusive, open, and diverse, UMass Dartmouth will be the university of choice for students seeking high quality liberal arts and science programs as well as professional academic programs that build a foundation for civic responsibility, individual skills and professional success.

UMass Dartmouth will distinguish itself by providing a personalized academic environment where the scholarly research and creative activities of faculty and graduate students are interwoven with the undergraduate experience.

UMass Dartmouth aspires to create additional Masters and Doctoral programs, with commensurate support, in addition to enhanced technological capabilities for the delivery of our educational and outreach programs.