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2013-2014 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Directions for Correspondence or Inquiries

Campus emergency number: 9191

By mail or e-mail


Departments receive mail through a central post office. Address correspondence as follows:

Name of Individual (if known)
Name of Department
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300

Internet addresses use a standard format:
[<first initial><lastname>]@umassd.edu
They can be looked up at

By phone


The university has a central switchboard and also direct-dial phone lines. The partial listing given below will assist one in finding key people. The university maintains an automated voice-recognition directory at its central number. Also, there is a directory on the Web at [http://www.umassd.edu/directory/]. Switchboard staff are ready to assist, weekdays 8:30-5:00 pm. Most offices also have FAX numbers.

Central phone number:

508 999-8000

Office hours


University office hours are generally 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. The Student Enrollment Center is open until 7:00 Monday through Thursday, as are some other offices. The library has a broader schedule of hours. Campus security can be contacted at all hours, at 508 999-8107.

We recommend that you call ahead for an appointment.

The university has a voice mail system; please leave a message for your party if calling after hours.

Inquiries should be addressed to the following offices or officers:

Topic Officer or Office Phone FAX
    AREA 508 AREA 508
Academics, General Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs 999-8024 999-8375
  Arts and Sciences Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 999-8352 999-9125
  Business Dean, Charlton College of Business 999-8432 999-8776
  Engineering Dean, College of Engineering 999-8539 999-9137
  Nursing Dean, College of Nursing 999-8586 999-9127
  Visual and Performing Arts Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts 999-9295 999-9126
  Marine Science and Technology Dean, School of Marine Sciences &Technology 999-8193 999-8197
Academic Advising (undergraduate) Director, University Academic Advising 999-8758 999-8850
Accounts—Student Bursar 999-8087 910-6643
Administration and Finance Division of Fiscal Affairs 999-9130 999-9138
Admission, Alternative (undergraduate) Director, College Now Program 999-8704 999-9257
Admission, Graduate Office of Graduate Studies 999-8604 999-8183
Admission, Undergraduate Admissions Office 999-8605 999-8755
Advancement Vice Chancellor for Advancement 999-8396 999-8773
Alumni Relations Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations 999-8031 999-8773
Chancellor Office of the Chancellor 999-8004 999-8860
Continuing/Professional Education Associate Vice Chancellor, Continuing Education 999-8071 999-8621
Equal Opportunity, Diversity, & Outreach Assistant Chancellor 910-6405 999-9201
Enrollment Services (“One-Stop”) Associate Director, Enrollment Services Center 999-9203 999-6420
Facilities, Plant, Grounds Director, Physical Plant and Facilities 999-8100 999-9103
Financial Assistance Director, Office of Financial Aid 999-8632 999-8935
Foundation Director, UMass Dartmouth Foundation 999-8011 999-8773
Graduate Studies Office of Graduate Studies 999-8604 999-8183
Grants and Contracts, Research Office of Research Administration 999-8942 999-8868
Housing Director of Housing 999-8140 999-8949
Information Resources and Technology Vice Chancellor, Libr. Serv., Info. Resources & Techn. 999-8260 999-8987
Institutional Research Associate Director, Institutional Research 999-8486 999-8183
International Students Coordinator, International Student Services 910-6633 910-6588
Library Dean of Library Services 999-8662 999-8987
News, Information, Public Relations Director, Information and Public Relations 999-8015 999-9200
Personnel Director, Human Resources 999-8060 999-8869
Police, Safety, Security Chief of Safety and Security 999-8107 999-8122
Registration, Courses, Transcripts Office of University Records 999-8615 999-8183

Student Affairs, General

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 999-8600 999-8626
Student Affairs, Student Life Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 999-8640 999-8626
Student Life, Judicial Affairs Associate Dean of Students 999-8640 999-8626